Thursday, April 26, 2012

End of Student Teaching

Tomorrow is my last day, so I have prepared a few things for my students and cooperating teacher.  First, we finished literature circles today, so I gave a prize to the group that did best throughout all nine sessions (nine chapters) based on their rubric scores.  I gave the winning seven people trophies filled with Smarties.  Since it was the first time they all participated in literature circles, I gave them all Smarties with a note attached to the candy.  

Tomorrow, I will give each student a crayon that I made.
I made these crayons using a cupcake tin and old crayon pieces.

I added a note on a popsicle stick thanking my teacher for all of the guidance she has given me throughout the experience.
I found these daisy boots for my cooperating teacher.  I thought she'd like these boots to pull student popsicle sticks from.

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